About Me

This is Pankaj Sharma from Himachal Pradesh Owner of this blog. He has a Degree of Mechanical Engineering. He has a experience of 3 years in blogging and manages more than 5 blogs.

About Site

This site is about Blogging , Technology and how to make money online etc. The purpose of creating this blog is to provide most useful and unique contents in hindi language for those people who does not understand English well.

What You Get From Here

As you Know this blog are specially for blogging and technology niche. Here you will get information about….

* How to create free Blog /website

* How to do effective seo for blog

* Search Engine Optimization

* How to make money online

* Lates updates of Google algorithm

* Latest Technology Tips & Tricks

* Deeply information about Blogger platform

* Free Blogger Template

*Computer Tips & Tricks

And many more…….Keep visiting.