Do you want to get an online degree? .. These are the best e-universities

Academic institutions around the world are making efforts to provide higher education in an electronic way as well as traditional images. While a number of traditional-style universities offer a limited number of online courses, other universities have opted to intensify their efforts and focus on e-learning. vary in the quality of academic education provided, which is reflected in the credits reaped by type, arranged in categories that worked to arrange these universities according to factors vary from classification to another, the position (Oedb ) chose the classification of American universities that met specific criteria Based on its standards , including: the proportion of professors to students, financial support from the Foundation, and the rate of admission, enrollment rate, and the rate of graduation, while the selected site ( Onlinestudyaustralia) To classify Australian e-universities based on the admission rates of graduates and the flexibility and depth of programs of study, what are the most prominent universities in the rankings of these sites? What is the value of tuition fees for its programs?

By two professors who work in New York, specifically in 1970 , was founded Walden University ( , Walden of University ) to meet the needs of teachers and others who hold different jobs and want to study doctoral programs, and first began teaching activities at its headquarters in Nabalz, Florida in 1971, it has succeeded in obtaining Official accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission, a member of the Central North Association. (1)

It also succeeded in attracting a large number of higher education students, who exceeded the end of 2016 57,000 students from more than 150 countries. According to the university, 90% of students who participated in the survey to measure the satisfaction of their students about the education they received within the university expressed their satisfaction Serious about the university. (2)

Today, the University offers more than 80 bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate programs with more than 370 tracks in the fields of health sciences, services, administration, psychology, education, public health, nursing, public administration and information technology. ( 3)

The system differs in the university from what is customary in traditional universities. For example, the value of tuition fees for university programs varies according to several factors such as the level of education of the student, and the requirements for acceptance vary in their programs. In the Bachelor of Science in Communication program, applicants must achieve one of A number of conditions, including: that the applicant must be 21 years of age or older, must be enrolled in an institution that is a partner with the university. Students living in the United States receive financial assistance of between $ 1,000 and $ 4,000. (4)

University of Kabila

Capella University was founded in 1993 and received a number of awards and credits, which doubled the number of students enrolled until the end of June 2018 to 37,786 students from all US states and 54 countries between the ages of 19 and 86, and nearly Half of them are masters students. (5)

The University offers bachelor’s and graduate programs, certificate programs and individual courses, including the following: Business, Health Sciences, Psychology, Counseling, Information Technology, Public Services, Education, Nursing and Social Work. GuidedPath and FlexPath , which are different at the time of the course presentation, the type of orientation the student receives, the program plan and the student’s ability to enroll in electronic courses according to the speed of completion without having to commit to a specific semester.

The tuition fees vary depending on the type of course chosen by the student and the course program. The vector style fee is calculated for the semester, while the flexible style fee is calculated for each credit hour. For example, for doctoral programs, the tuition fees for each class (the guided pattern) range between US $ 4,296 and US $ 4,854 , And flexible style fees range from US $ 425 to US $ 790 per credit hour. (6)

The University also offers a variety of grants to help students financially. The value of these scholarships varies according to the type of programs and courses offered. In business, the amount of financial support provided by the scholarships for business students in doctoral programs ranges from $ 8,000 to $ 10,000. Masters The amount of these grants is $ 2,500, and in the undergraduate program up to $ 8,000. (7)

University of New England

As one of the colleges of the University of Sydney, the University of New England began its educational career in 1938 under the name “New England University College” and then became the first Australian university to specialize in education Post and e-learning. (8)

The University offers about 200 courses for all academic degrees in a variety of disciplines such as accounting, finance, arts, economics and marketing, administration, law and criminology, mathematics, computing, information technology, psychology and social sciences. Style discussions, electronic tests, videos, books, recorded lectures, and communication between professors and students will be online or over the phone.

Each of the programs offered includes tuition fees for international students. The fees for advanced diploma programs are US $ 24,990, ranging from US $ 26,250 to A $ 29,400, and Masters and PhD programs to A $ 31,500. (9)

The scholarships are offered to international students and may be presented on an annual basis, with different completion dates, such as: Scholarships for students enrolled in research programs. These are grants from various sources. Some of them are offered by the Australian Government As part of its Australian Government Research Training Program .

Charles Stort University

Charles Sturt University is the largest Australian university of e-learning based on onlinestudyaustralia . Founded in 1895, Charles Sturt University has three major colleges: the College of Arts and Education, the Business School, Behavioral Sciences and Justice, and the School of Science, Schools and research centers, and offers study programs for all academic grades using both traditional and electronic methods in teaching these programs.

The College of Business, Justice and Behavioral Sciences includes specialized schools such as the School of Computing and Mathematics, the School of Management and Marketing, the Law and Justice Center and the School of Psychology. The Faculty of Science includes specialized schools of science Agricultural sciences, veterinary sciences, biomedical sciences, community health, environmental sciences, health, dentistry and nursing.

University programs are designed to obtain bachelor’s or master’s degrees or higher degrees or research in the disciplines offered. In the electronic mode, students receive lectures, participate in platforms of students of the program for discussion and study, in addition to electronic access to the library of the university containing scientific publications as diverse as magazines and books that Students can print and make use of them. (10)

Undergraduate tuition fees range from A $ 18,400 to A $ 28,000. Doctoral program fees amount to A $ 32,000. 11 A variety of scholarships are offered to international students with different values, terms and programs. Examples include: The Casella Wins Health Science Scholarship for first year students in Bachelor’s Programs in Mental Health and Nursing (AUS $ 10,000).

If the student wishes to enroll in any of its academic programs, he recommends contacting the university to make sure that the university’s accreditation to this program is comprehensive and that this accreditation depends on the recognition of the employers and the responsible bodies in the country of the student

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