Errors in diagnosis of diseases

Mistakes in diagnosing a patient’s illness, one of the health problems that still require more attention from health systems. According to the medical definition, the diagnostic errors are to miss the opportunity to arrive at the correct diagnosis of the disease in which the patient suffers in a timely manner, or not at all to the correct diagnosis, or a report of the diagnosis of the wrong disease, according to the doctor’s evidence in the examination and follow-up patient .

According to BMJ Quality & Safety, published in the April 17 issue of the British Journal of Quality and Safety, about 12 million adults in the United States suffer from this health problem each year as they visit US doctors’ clinics. The study, entitled “The frequency of diagnostic errors in outpatients: estimates from the results of three studies involving adults in the United States.” These three studies were not limited to the results of patient reviews of outpatient clinics for the family and community clinics or general practitioners’ clinics, but also sensitive external clinics such as colon cancer oncology clinics and lung cancer oncology clinics.

In the results of all three medical studies, errors in the diagnosis of pathological injuries were documented. The researchers from the Michael Dabke Medical Center in Houston, in the results of the recent study that about 50 percent of those errors in the diagnosis that has been documented, can actually be classified as “seriously hurt patients.” The researchers specifically talked about errors in the type of delay in the diagnosis of cancer tumors, and thus delay the start treatment effectively and beneficial to patients, which, according to researchers, may make the success of treatment is very difficult and leave the area of ​​cancer to kill the patient.

AHRQ was one of the main sponsors of the study. “Patient safety begins with timely diagnosis, and outpatient diagnostic errors are difficult to measure and monitor, a new area of ​​research and research in the areas of patient safety,” commented Dr. Richard Kornik, director of the agency. Ideally, one of the most important goals is for medical professionals to correctly diagnose their patients’ condition and minimize errors. “

The same medical journal published in 2013 the results of a study by researchers from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the United States, which reviewed 25 years of the accumulation of medical errors and costs of material. The researchers found that the diagnostic errors of the diseases suffered by the patients were the highest in the cost of material compensation for cases of patients before the courts. Not only that, but the researchers found it, the diagnostic errors, the highest in causing disabilities and deaths among the patients. Specifically, the researchers reported that the physical costs of patients’ claims amounted to about $ 40 billion between 1986 and 2010. Every year between 80,000 and 160,000 people with permanent disabilities suffer from diagnostic errors. 

* Internal Consultant and Heart of Prince Sultan Center for Heart in Riyadh 

can turn the patient’s life into an unbearable hell, where he mixes emotions, lives the moments of the tragedy and cries blood for the sudden illness he has suffered by surprise. In short, the story of Asma, a young woman at the age of 23, entered a female doctor’s clinic after colic in her stomach, as she broke off tears of puzzlement and sadness and many question marks followed her. 
Asmaa tells her story of “renewal” and a pale smile. She says that the doctor told her that she is pregnant and that she suffers from sores at the level of the uterus in addition to kidney disease .. The names of the diagnosis did not understand how she could be pregnant, “I’m sure I’m not pregnant but I was terrified because of that horrible diagnosis that exposed all the diseases that the doctor accused my body of having.”
A real tragedy lived by Asma for hours that she considered months. She carried her pain to her house to walk to her mother, crying what the doctor said. The latter quickly took her and the pain was broken or she did not understand that her single daughter was being brought to another doctor to re-diagnose the family again. .. The diagnosis is that she is not pregnant, of course, and does not suffer from any disease, and that what you feel as a result of a cold strike only. 
Naima said in this context that she suffered the same tragedy when she was diagnosed with stomach ulcer after complaining of vomiting and some abdominal pain, and described some drugs for treatment. Unfortunately, Naima adds that because of the drugs she has taken, she has long dreamed of carrying him in his womb, and it turns out that the pains she suffered were caused by pregnancy.
Medical diagnosis errors, a tragedy that kills many patients in silence, most of them pay to the clinic more than a doctor to resolve the nature of the disease they suffer from, and sometimes become a mandatory issue despite the psychological and material implications for the patient. 
What is Diagnosis? 
Medical diagnosis according to the medical encyclopedia (Wikipedia) is the way in which the doctor to know the disease behind the symptoms that appear on the patient, which is the first step in the treatment of any disease, since knowledge of the name of the disease and understanding the functional interpretation of the disease is the basis for the creation of treatment fitting, begins with the diagnosis extrapolating biography sick where the doctor goes to determine the patient ‘s complaint, the collection of symptoms that complain about them, and then baptized by directing specific questions to the inventory of potential disease options to the group of 
options called diagnoses differential, doctor then proceed to conduct examinationAnd then perform or request various targeted medical tests such as a selection of blood tests, imaging tests such as x-rays, computerized tomographic imaging, laparoscopy or arterial catheterization. Etc., in order to obtain additional information (the results of the tests), which help him to arrive at the reality of the disease, and diagnose it. 
The doctor may refer to the clinical examination or physical examination , which is the examination by the doctor to the patient using the power of observation and senses, and may use simple equipment to examine the bed of disease, such as the medical headset, but without the use of modern and complex methods of diagnosis such as radiation and laboratory tests or imaging and the like, some diseases need to be theorizations underground by machines examination echo, detection radiation or radio Almignatisa. 
The efficiency of the doctor
Dr. Mustafa Brahimi, a surgeon in Bujdeh, blamed the errors of the medical diagnosis on the physician’s efficiency directly. He explained in his talk of “renewal” that the doctor’s efficiency plays a large role in the initial diagnosis. However, some internal diseases need to be examined with specific mechanisms It may not even exist in doctors working in public health, especially in remote areas where the doctor is only available on the medical device and the blood pressure machine. How can they be held accountable even though they do not have the means of diagnosis?
On the other hand, Dr. Brahimi stopped in cases of pregnant women, stressing that it is obvious that the doctor during the diagnosis of a woman’s disease, the issue of pregnancy by asking some questions about its status, especially that the signs of pregnancy known, and a few questions can be competent doctor know the matter to avoid drugs that may Lead to a negative effect of pregnancy.
Dr. Brahimi adds that in some cases, the patient’s financial means are modest, refusing to be exposed to radiation or electromagnetic radiation because it does not have a value of 3000 or 4000 dirhams. The value of this disclosure, which requires some doctors to prescribe drugs based on their personal conclusions, The doctor’s conclusions are mistaken and the treatment that the doctor describes as a cause for other diseases will be added to what the patient is suffering. This requires – Dr. Brahimi – to be careful and strict with the patients in order to push them to detect these rays – whatever the possibilities are limited – A feast for any Sliders physician may be located.
On the legal responsibility of the wrong doctor, Dr. Brahimi pointed to the possibility of resorting patients “victims” to the doctors, which is one of its special characteristics to protect the patient from some errors in which some doctors are located through the appointment of a medical body specializes in looking at the responsibility of the doctor for the error, , And the report appointed by this body to go in the direction of finishing on the doctor of the doctors in the event of proven error clearly, and they may resort to the courts, but for medical error, which requires finishing must be provided certain conditions, that the result of this error damage, And that there is a relationship between the damage Error, referring to the vacuum suffered by the Moroccan legislation in this context , on the grounds that the texts that are relied upon for theaccountability of doctors »erring» scattered and there is no special law that protects the patient from the doctor errors and protects the doctor from the allegations of some patients. 
Wrong diagnosis and professional error
Dr. Tawfiq Musaif, the lawyer at Rabat, confirmed that the tasks assigned to the doctor vary according to the professional specialization he is practicing. However, the task of diagnosis and treatment remains a common function among most practicing physicians in both the private and public sectors. In the course of his or her professional practice, the regulatory framework of the medical profession and the internal law of the doctors, and the ethics, traditions and customs of the future, and any violation of his or her work and professional conduct shall be subject to disciplinary accountability by his trade union and criminal accountability before the courts. 
The physician is obliged to take all measures during the course of the task of diagnosis to the quality, nature, degree and financial damage or disease suffered by the examinee, by performing the medically necessary to take full care in theexaminationTaking into consideration the patient and conducting all the necessary tests to detect the disease, such as medical tests and X-ray examination .. Taking care, caution and foresight and not neglect and abandon accuracy in the notes, so as to be the correct diagnosis and the correct disease of the examined, and limited and exclusively and definitively and unquestionably. 

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