How to create a website?

Create a website: a lot of people realize how important the development of their brand within the digital scenario, ultimately, the Internet is one of the primary tools that people use to search for solutions to a problem. But the majority of entrepreneurs have a hard time: Can a website be created for my business and for myself?

Few people understand programming and wants to have a website, usually works on contract with software developers to help him in this task. Of course this option is a wonderful option, especially if you have the physical potential to invest in this type of service.

But what happens is that hiring a software developers may be much higher price than you hoped, so, perhaps you may retreat from the idea of ​​creating a website. But what many do not know is that it can be done on their own, even without any knowledge of programming, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.  

Learn in this publication how to create a website and start investing your time in this strategy for your business .

Why is it important to have a website for you?

Before they let you know the detailed stages that help you create a website, we must explain to you why is this strategy good for all types of entrepreneurship , whether online or material.

You may have noticed the widespread search for solutions to problems and questions through the Internet.    

When it comes to buying a product or hiring a service, it’s never the same: people in search engines like Google and YouTube are looking for solutions on the purchases they want to buy.

For example:

If someone is thinking about buying a TV screen on the Internet, it is very likely that before leaving home to look for that product in a shop in his city, he would search the Internet for prices and types of screens offered for purchase.

Having a website is a great way to reach potential consumers and maintain a good relationship with existing customers. You can make your website an interface so people know about your products / services. Mainly to get to know your brand, your prices and to know exactly what you have to offer.

How to create a website on your own?

As mentioned earlier, you can create your own website without the help of an expert on the subject.

Of course, if you have knowledge of what in the field of programming you will be able to create a website more easily and primarily through a lot of resources.

But if you do not have a lot of programming knowledge, you can follow the basic steps that we’ll see in the next few paragraphs.

It’s important to remember that when you talk about something that includes a programming language, or coding models like Java Script, it will be difficult for someone who is just starting out and does not know anything about it.

But if your goal is to launch your site just to get started, you can create something simple at the beginning and when you notice the need for improvement you can invest in that domain and contract someone to make the required modifications, or you can study more about the programming topic to improve your page.

We will not let you create a website through many resources and accessories plugins that are specific for your business. The goal here in this publication is to have a page that includes more than one toolto promote your products and services .

Step by step to create a website

If you’re here, you may have noticed that having a website is essential to increase your business reach.

As of now, we will show you the practical side and we will help you to create a website on your own and in step-by-step detail.

There are several tools available on the Internet, free and paid, which allows you to create a website.

What you need to do is analyze the business type to choose a web site preparation tool that supports what you put in your page.  

In this publication, we’ll see how to create a website by contracting a hosting service or renting a domain or domain registration space, which is the best way to generate authority in your performance.    

let’s start ?

1. Register a domain or domain

Enter the site to choose a name for your site.

This stage is very important, because when you buy domain or domain, you avoid other people using the same name as you.

So, just log in to and type the domain you want in the place indicated and click Search to make sure that the name you’ve chosen is not yet used

If the chosen name is not already used, click Register and fill in the following fields with your personal information to purchase that domain or domain. At the end of this, you will receive an email to continue your registration and choose the appropriate payment method.

2. Sign up for a web hosting service

A hosting service means placing your website and keeping it running.

There are several market options for this job, both free and paid. However, the big problem inherent in choosing a free hosting service is that it shows a lot of obstacles and may be unstable, which makes your site sometimes break up from the connection.

For paid services, there are many options, such as the Topline platform , the Go website platform , and these sites have great offers and temptations such as Top Line, which gives you the opportunity to participate annually (365 SAR) Annually or the equivalent of about US $ 98 per year The important thing here is to search and choose the presentation and platform that suits you more

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