The 13 digital applications to be in contact with the environment

Through these tools, Colombians can make inquiries, report crimes against nature and file complaints and claims against the various entities of the National Environmental System.At a time when environmental issues are becoming increasingly important for citizens, technology has much to contribute.

Not only because through the social networks the indignation over the impacts of human activities on nature is massified or viral tendencies are contravened against the policies of the governments that attempt against it: also because thanks to it it is possible that the citizens become protagonists of environmental management.At least that is what is currently happening in Colombia, where there are already 13 digital applications that allow from knowing in real time the weather forecast to denounce the deforestation in the Amazon. As Gilber Corrales, head of the Office of Information and Communication Technologies of the Ministry of Environment, explains, “this is part of an open government policy that seeks to make environmental issues not only the responsibility of the entities but also of society civil”.

To achieve this purpose, the Ministry announced the 13 tools that make up its digital portfolio. Of these, eight are applications that can be downloaded on Android and IoS mobile devices and the remaining five are hosted on the web for the free use of citizens. These are the services offered by each of them:

The downloadable

Green Business: It is an inventory of green businesses registered with the Regional Autonomous Corporations. The application contains an evaluation method to know how green the business is according to a series of variables that are explained inside the tool. Finally, it has a catalog of products and the information of each entrepreneur so that those interested can contact each other.

ECO2: It is a kind of social network dedicated to promoting actions that contribute to mitigation and adaptation to climate change. It has a calculator that allows to measure how many emissions can be reduced thanks to changes in behavior such as getting out of the car to ride a bicycle, among other possibilities.

PQRSD: It is a “mirror” of the tool located on the website of the Ministry in which citizens can ask questions, file complaints and claims and make suggestions and complaints from their cell phone. In its mobile version you can also track the open processes within that entity.

Preserves: This application is born from a civil society initiative for citizens to report the environmental effects that occur in their territories. Registered information automatically reaches environmental entities to take immediate action against these complaints.COBE: It is a tool for the officials of National Natural Parks to communicate with each other and know the work that their colleagues are doing in other parts of the country.

MY PROGNOSIS: With this application, users instantly know the weather forecasts and alerts issued by the Ideam.

APPLY: It is a tool developed by the Autonomous Regional Corporation of Cundinamarca so that the inhabitants of its jurisdiction know the work of the entity, make complaints and access environmental information. It also has a section of pedagogy with augmented reality.

RED POSCONSUMO: It allows to know where are the points to throw items such as batteries, tires and refrigerators, which can not be disposed of with other waste. Update the collection points online and use waze or google maps to know which is the closest point to your residence.

Those on the web

GIRAS: In this application, the Health Service Providers can report the amount of hospital hazardous waste they produce and the environmental entities can follow the route they make to the authorized disposal sites.

CMA2: It is a tool of the Marine Research Institute that provides technical information for decision making in the management of the maritime and coastal areas of the country.

Vital: It is the “single window” of the environmental sector. There the users can know all the services offered by the SINA and follow up on their processes within these entities.I2D: It is the tool of the Humboldt Institute in which citizens can find all the information of the entity organized in digital catalogs for free consultation and download.

SIATA: It is the Early Warning System of the AburrĂ¡ Valley, the tool that centralizes the information related to air quality in that region of the country.

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