Activate the role of the student in education

Tasks and homework Keep homework and different tasks students active during the study , so the professor to give his students homework assignments and tasks or projects to be implemented, it is necessary to set a deadline for the delivery of these tasks, in addition to ensuring that the times do not overlap perform tasks with each other so as not to be distracted student During the implementation of several tasks at the same time , and can use the applications of electronic organizing tasks to communicate between the professor and student and the addition of tasks and duties by the professor or observations by students.

[1] Follow the interactive methods It is important that the teacher communicate and interact with his / her students during the lesson so that the students remain alert and attentive in the classroom. To be sure that nothing is missing during the lesson, the teacher can make the lessons more like discussions, explain a point or topic, ask students about their views and The student will be more interactive and will keep his attention in the lesson and be away from distraction or even sleepy.

[2] Education by play For decades, educators have tried to devise new and effective learning strategies to keep their students interested in learning. These strategies are to use games in education . It is a great way to keep lessons interesting and fun. You can use several games while teaching, Which are taught, and when there are games in the classroom class students are more enthusiastic and therefore more interactive and interested in the lesson.

[3] the choice One of the effective ways of teaching is to make the student choose the questions or activities they want to solve. Leaving them free to choose things in their learning enhances their interest in what they learn, and that gives them a sense of control and the importance of what they will do for their activities or others. The professor has nine choices for students and asks them to choose three options for each one.

[3] Use of technology Students, especially children, love electronics and take advantage of every possible opportunity to access and use them. Modern technology has great ways to keep lessons interesting. Instead of standing in the classroom and taking the lesson in the traditional way, students can do a collaborative learning activity between classmates and students stage location geographically distant or in another school, and can be done through contact through one of the second grade programs and the work of a video conversation and actively carry out a collective manner, can also take advantage of the technology in any other way he sees Professor Appropriate and effective.

1. Online Education: Things to do

You should be open to your students’ suggestions: What do they like? What do they hate? Do not hesitate to ask them about it. Give them the freedom to shape their learning and adapt it to their lifestyle.

2 – attention to concurrent and asynchronous education

The need to provide a timetable for direct learning in the virtual classroom and to assign students to inspiring activities that require some creativity and innovation, activities that students are required to do between online courses, especially in the work that students can collaborate on. 
“Make sure building tasks create an atmosphere of competition and interaction between students and require at the same time share business and share this type of task is often the most successful” Nick Beachy, an educational consultant and designer lessons course designer.

3. Provide quick and reciprocal observations at regular intervals

This is very easy thanks to the Internet. “Reactions are an ideal thinking tool for teachers and students alike. It stimulates students and makes them interested in their virtual projects. “- Vicki and Raas, an online teacher.

4. Creating and developing personal network PLN

Says Silvia Guinan , an online tutor . ” Every teacher has something to teach, and every teacher has something to share and share with others ,” 
says Chuck Sandy , an online teacher.

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